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DOC and SIDF visited Pan-Asia for inspection and communication

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Mr. Guan Lingxiang welcomes SIDF delegates

Mr. Chen Yuehua, Deputy Director-General of the DOC of Guangdong Province welcomes SIDF delegates

On October 14, 2018, a delegation from the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province (DOC) led by Mr. Chen Yuehua, the Deputy Director-General of the DOC and a delegation from the Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) led by Mr. Abdullah Al-Dowaihi, visited Pan-Asia for inspection an d communication. The delegates were warmly welcomed by Mr. GUAN Lingxiang (Chairman)Mr. GUAN Haitao (Executive Director)Mr. Lin Wencai (President) and other senior managers. 

Chairman Guan Lingxiang (center)

At the meeting, Chairman Guan extended a warm welcome to the delegates and expressed his heart-felt gratitude to the two departments for their continued support to the Pan-Asia Saudi Petrochemical & Chemical Fiber Integrated Project. With joint efforts from China and Saudi Arabia, Pan-Asia is highly confident and determined to implement the Project and make contributions to China-Saudi Arabia Capacity Cooperation, said Guan. The Project will serve as a model for China-Saudi Arabia Capacity Cooperation. 

Mr. Chen Yuehua (center)

Mr. Chen Yuehua welcomed the SIDF delegates and expressed his sincere gratitude to the SIDF for promoting economic and trade cooperation and communication between Guangdong and Saudi Arabia. According to Chen, the industries of Guangdong and Saudi Arabia are highly complementary to each other, which offers favorable conditions and a solid foundation for economic and trade cooperation between the two sides. Pan-Asia is a key enterprise of Guangdong province and has made remarkable contributions to the province in economy, taxation, employment and social responsibility since its establishment, said Chen. As a symbolic project for China-Saudi Arabia Capacity Cooperation, the successful implementation of the Project will serve as a model for the Capacity Cooperation and help to facilitate comprehensive cooperation in all areas. Therefore, as the government entity in charge of foreign economic and trade cooperation of Guangdong Province, the DOC attaches great significance to the Project. Policy incentives will be offered in fields of foreign investment, financing and insurance, etc. to promote the successful launch of the Pan-Asia Saudi Project.

Abdullah AI-Dowaihi, Marketing Division Manager of the SIDF (center)

Mr. Abdullah AL-Dowaihi, Marketing Division Manager of the SIDF extended his gratitude to the DOC and Pan-Asia for the warm welcome and trip arrangementThe Pan-Asia Saudi Project is not only a model project of China-Saudi Arabia Capacity Cooperation, but also a flagship project of the Kingdom’s effort to attract foreign investment, said Mr. AbdullahHe confirmed that the Saudi government and the SIDF place high importance to the project and will continue to offer all-out support. According to Mr. Abdullah, the delegation hopes to know Pan-Asia better through this trip so as to speed up preparation of the Project and facilitate its implementation. 

SIDF delegates inspect Pan-Asia factory and products

The delegates inspected the workshop and products of Pan-Asia accompanied by Mr. GUAN Haitao (Executive Director) and Mr. SUN Gaoyun (General Manager).


The visit ended amid friendly and efficient communication. Through the inspection, the SIDF gained better knowledge of Pan-Asia and the support Pan-Asia obtains from the DOC. The visit boosted trust among the three parties and increased Pan-Asia’s confidence on the successful launch of the Project. 

Group photo

The SIDF delegates will conduct due diligence on the Pan-Asia Saudi Project for loan assessment purposes and inspect the most advanced PTA and PET factories in China to gain a better idea of the most cutting-edge technology that the Project can adopt. 

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