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Pan Asia and Saudi Arabia project patenters hold patent technology talks

Click:9Time:2018-10-18 20:29:26

On October 17, 2018, the Pantech project patent technology Fang Yingweida, Jiefengda leaders and experts visited Pan Asia for inspection and technical exchange. Guan Lingxiang, Chairman of the Group, Guan Haitao, Chairman of Pan Asia, Ding Jianzhong, Chief Engineer of Pan Asia Saudi Arabia, Sun Gaoyun, General Manager of Pan Asia, and Xu Wei, Assistant President of the Company, attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the two parties exchanged opinions on the specific contents of the technical attachments provided by the patent technology provider Yingyingda, and clarified the responsibilities of both parties. Among them, INVISTA indicated that it will provide long-term, interim, and related delivery such as instruments and equipment to Pan Asia. The time list will also provide an analysis method for the performance specifications and performance guarantees of the equipment to Pan Asia, and confirm the relevant technical data is accurate. Considering the design conditions of the equipment (including air temperature, humidity, etc.), Pan Asia needs to confirm the relevant design standards (including equipment, electrical, instrumentation, etc.) to meet the local requirements of Saudi Arabia.


This meeting further clarified the responsibilities of Pan Asia and patent technology vendors, effectively promoted the depth of cooperation between the two sides, and played an important role in the rapid advancement of the Pan-Asian Saudi Arabia project and the successful landing of the Pan-Asian Saudi Arabia project!

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